Free Spirit necklace

Free Spirit necklace

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With each purchase, 1% of sales is donated to the cause of your choice: 

  • Earth Rangers: Through in-school programs, conservation projects, and a free membership, Earth Rangers gives kids the tools to get involved and the confidence that they can make a difference.
  • Ocean Initiatives: A team of scientists on a mission to protect marine life in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

    With beautiful recycled ​sterling silver feather and compass charms and two pieces of unique, hand collected & sea smoothed beach glass in soft white & turquoise. A necklace to feel connected to the ocean and to that feeling of wanderlust for places not yet explored. Keep your dreams close to you with a necklace as unique as you are. 

    Due to the nature of beach glass, the colour, sizes and exact shapes of the beach glass will vary slightly due to the fact that each is totally unique. These differences we do not see as a flaw in fact we think that this is what makes each piece so special.

    A note from Jules: My wanderlusting, ocean-loving nature was really drawn to Spindrift. I love her pieces, and the use of hand collected beach glass. I used to collect beach glass as a child and this brought back those memories of sandy toes and the excitement of finding a rare piece of well polished glass, knowing it had probably found it's way to me from some exotic location. 

    Spindrift Collections is a Sydney, Australia based jewelry company run by a lovely owner named Tasha. Each piece is designed to inspire your wanderlust for places not yet explored. Wearing Spindrift allows you to keep a piece of the ocean with you, and remember your next adventure is just around the corner. It is also a symbol of your personal commitment to respect and honour the natural environment because Spindrift Collections is also a proud member of 1% For the Planet.

    By choosing Spindrift you’re also choosing to work with us towards a better future. Wherever possible our collections use only recycled, recyclable and sustainable materials and everything is handcrafted.