Baja Pink Towel

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    It's a top of the line yoga towel, it's your beach towel, your pool towel, and most definitely your travel towel. This super versatile towel made from 100% recycled material packs down so it can be used for all your favorite activities without sacrificing performance.

    - Super Absorbent 

    - Quick Drying

    - Anti-microbial 

    - Slip resistant 

    - Reversible 

    - The perfect size for a yoga mat (27.5" x 72.5")

    A note from Jules: I took this towel on my recent trip to Mexico and it was perfect! It folds up into a tiny square and was always in my backpack for impromptu yoga sessions or swims in the ocean. It dries super quick, and has a fun pattern on both sides. 


    Nomadix identified the needs that exist across many activities and developed a single high-performing product that works across the board – so you’re ready for any opportunity.

    Their travel towel is a multi-purpose solution to this problem. It is a top of the line yoga towel, a beach towel, a camp towel, and it’s your first choice for any road trip. You do not need three or four different towels, you just need one. Their motto is "Own less. Do more".