Aloha soap - Hawaiian jasmine, Papaya, & Hibiscus flower

Aloha soap - Hawaiian jasmine, Papaya, & Hibiscus flower

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    The Aloha spirit is captured in this exotic cleansing bar handcrafted with Hawaiian hibiscus flowers, and pikake (Hawaiian jasmine). Extracts of mango and papaya are added for their softening, and antioxidant properties. Aloha is suitable for all skin types.

    - Organic

    - Cruelty Free

    - Vegan

    - Palm Oil Free


    A note from Jules: I love the packaging of this soap as well as the smell. I'm slightly obsessed with Hawaii and the smell of this soap brings me right back to hanging out on Oahu.

    Tofino Soap Company is based in beautiful Tofino, Canada. All of their products are handcrafted in small batches and are 100% natural ingredients, 100% vegan ingredients, plant based food grade cold pressed oils, pure therapeutic essential oils,  GMO free soy wax,coconut wax, recyclable and reusable packaging, organic & fair trade ingredients. You will never find fillers, chemicals, petroleum products, or palm oil in Tofino Soap Company products so you know it's the good stuff! 

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